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My first sexy blog. Adult Blog.

My first sexy blog. I wanted to try something new, something that would take me out of my comfort zone a little. I wanted this adult blog to be very sensual. Something intimately personal.

Lately I have been experiencing this uneasy, shivery, shaky, discomfort down to my very core.
Sexual toys are a way to maintain the sexual spark between partners and increase the pleasure when alone. However, in spite of the evolution in the last years many peoples still consider the theme a taboo and find it hard to talk about. The question remains: don't the peoples buy sexual toys? Of course they do! There are many peoples that have already embraced this form to enhance sexual pleasure. This sexy blog is about the preferred sexual toys in peoples. If you haven't yet tried any, buy one and experiment.


Most used sexual toys:

1. Vibrators

Vibrators are the classic sexual toys. They are essencially bought by women, both single and on relationships. The vibrators that are bought range from single speed simple ones to several speed and motions ones that enhance the pleasure.

2. Handcuffs

After the success of 'Fifty Shades of Grey', many peoples have come to try light forms of sadomasochism (with domination). One of the most acquired products are the famous hancuffs. This sex toy has been so successful that it can be found on sale out of the sex shops.

3. Stimulating Gel

This sales success can currently be found on commercial stores with a price tag below ten euros. These erotic products enhance the sensitivity of the genital area and allowing for more powerful orgasms. They also have a positive impact on oral sex as they have several appealing flavours. For partners who never had the chance to experiment this is an excellent starting point to feel more pleasure.

4. Whipp

This a sex toy that not many admit to using. However it has become much more known after the 'Grey' movie, one of the most erotic movies of the last few years. This is excellent to spice up the sexual relation and provide new sensations to the partner. It is also a quite affordable item.

5. Sexual Toys Packs

Some sex shops have already started selling sex toys packs, often create by the stores themselves. Many peoples buy these packs based on their name and target use. These sex toys packs usually have a lower price than buying the items individually.

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